File Classification

MultiClass is a software module dedicated to physical files classification, such files can represent large amount of data and/or a large number of documents - in general, these physical evidence are archived across various sites linear shelves or closets.

MultiClass key features are:

  • Supports multiple archiving sites managed by various business entities such as subsidiaries within a corporate organization.
  • Remains neutral to physical archiving workflow by supporting an open configuration of sites, areas, closets and shelves.
  • Built in search engine with advanced boolean with Google type searches within the document content and summary.
  • Volume transfers management across sites for large quantities of files and documents.
  • Idle files automatic transfer and archiving management services.
  • Active logging and journal of file transfer history.
  • Color coded file support .
  • Standalone and networked configuration support with simultaneous multi users feature .
  • Streamlines physical paper archiving requirements.

MultiClass is an excellent investment for time savings and overall productivity gains.


  • Print Management
  • Printing Resources Management
  • Queues Management
  • Printers Management
  • Spools Management
  • Overlay Pages Management
  • Documents Management
  • Document Archiving
  • Documents Classification
  • Documents Distribution
  • Printing Statistics
  • Printings Billing
  • Printings Viewing
  • Printing server
  • Reprography Solution
  • Centralized administration
  • Unix, Windows Environnements