Partnership request

Contract means a trust, assistance and support availability.
We are looking for distributors or partners in the following countries :

  • Europe: Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Eastern Europe.
  • Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and other African countries.

For France: The distribution contracts or partnerships proposed by APT DEVELOPMENT are tailored to each company: we start by classical contract (standard contract distribution) or specific (crossed intervention agreements ) ... to the contract called "Business Provider contract".

Who can be our partner?

Manufacturers, integrators, software houses, the retailers by profession, ...
We can respond to your request directly to the website of your customer without any change in our collaboration agreement. We assist you technically in your procedures whenever you deem necessary. We provide you with all the useful marketing tools: documentation to reproduce, slideshow presentation, animations. If you have a project, If you want to know the best partnership conditions according to your needs and your requirements then please fill out the following form:

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