Print Management

Spool Manager is a module of Multiprint range
It allows managing printers, queues and printings job

Printers Management

    Spool Manager allows print resource management which consists of printers, copiers and multifunction whatever their brands and manufacturers.The following functions are available on Spool Manager Addressing network printers on the Intranet or Internet. Addressing attached printers (LPT device, etc.) Rules of printer's tray management in terms of volume,kind of document and/or user Management of pre-printed formats with automatic or manual commutation optimized. Management of logical formats (portrait, landscape, ...) or physical (pre-printed, ...) with manual or automatic change. Incident detection via SNMP (Jam, Out of paper, thundering down).

Management of queues
    Queues allow the "spool" of an unlimited number of editions in print queue. Each queue has a dynamically modifiable order Dynamic addressing of a dynamic pool of printers Management of rights access(ACL) Dynamic control of the input and output queues Automatic drain following a number of days sliding Automatic suspension of impressions queue

Editions management
    Starting from a page or range of pages Manipulations and modifications of orders in the queue Transfer of an edition of a queue to another Viewing mode (TEXT, PCL, PS, PDF, ...) Integration of overlays and filters Notification after printing Suspension after printing Multiple actions on several editions

Workflow rules
    Routing editions in terms of the user and of a threshold depending on the number of pages to a printer or copier suitable for large editions. Applying a static overlay according to the title of the document and / or user and / or the copy number.Automatic selection of tray depending on the document title and / or user and / or copy number. Automatic selection of the output tray depending on the document title and / or user and / or copy number. Integration of document flow


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