Technical support

Technical support is provided directly by our company in most cases (France).
APT DEVELOPPEMENT offers a maintenance contract and monitoring software that includes:

  • first level (Problems linked in using the software)
  • second level (Problems linked in running the software)

Three broad categories of "problems":

  • Blocking Error: Supports the problem immediately (open hours) and priority resolution.
  • Serious error: Important problem which not calling into question your production: Immediate support and resolution in 8 days.
  • Simple error: problem without consequence - Supports immediatly - Resolution in the next version.



  • Print Management
  • Printing Resources Management
  • Queues Management
  • Printers Management
  • Spools Management
  • Overlay Pages Management
  • Documents Management
  • Document Archiving
  • Documents Classification
  • Documents Distribution
  • Printing Statistics
  • Printings Billing
  • Printings Viewing
  • Printing server
  • Reprography Solution
  • Centralized administration
  • Unix, Windows Environnements