Printing Resources Management

Printing ressources Printing as a resource is often the stepchild of enterprise software solutions and is wrongly perceived as a peripheral device rather than a potentially high value added feature for cost management.

MultiParc is a software tool allowing the management of a printing resources at the corporate level, covering devices such as printers, copiers, all-in-ones, faxes and so on.

MultiParc is device agnostic as all brands and models are supported across multiple sites:

  • Automatic discovery and identification of all connected printing devices available
  • Automatic collection of device metrics such as usage meters and cartridge ink levels
  • Real-time detection of incidents and alerts management for support and maintenance
  • Automatic and proactive management of supplies
  • Suppliers contract management including administrative and technical extensions
  • Global management of all printing media, printers, copiers, all-in-ones
  • Supports multiple sites, all brands and all models
  • Detailed monthly usage reporting of all installed printing devices
  • Increased availability of printing resources with lower downtimes
  • Analytic breakdown of printing costs at departments and budgets levels
  • Proactive management of reordering needs for both hardware and supplies
  • Optimization of users needs and equipment capacities

MultiParc addresses the following needs and issues:
  • How many pages are printed on a monthly basis across the organization?
  • What is the amount of time allocated by the technical support to printing related issues?
  • What is the uptime ratio of printing resources?
  • What is the percentage of black & white printing versus color printing?

With accurate and reliable data consolidation, MultiParc is the ideal tool to perform cost reductions while improving the overall level of service, thus delivering substantial productivity increases.


  • Print Management
  • Printing Resources Management
  • Queues Management
  • Printers Management
  • Spools Management
  • Overlay Pages Management
  • Documents Management
  • Document Archiving
  • Documents Classification
  • Documents Distribution
  • Printing Statistics
  • Printings Billing
  • Printings Viewing
  • Printing server
  • Reprography Solution
  • Centralized administration
  • Unix, Windows Environnements